In 2014 our daughter had to drop out of school for 1 year because she had been living in a moldy apartment. That was the beginning of our education about the poisonous nature of mold and mycotoxins. As we thoroughly investigated our home, we came to realize that there were areas in our basement where we had water damage and mold. Fixing the damaged areas was pretty straightforward. But we were overwhelmed with the job of getting rid of mycotoxins. That is where Pure Maintenance was the perfect solution. Being able to leave our home to let the fog destroy the mycotoxins on every surface was worth the cost in every way.  Our daughter, the "canary in the coal mine" could tell an immediate difference after the treatment. We consider the Pure Maintenance treatment a pivotal and crucial point in her recovery from mold illness. Though it is difficult to quantify, everyone in our home has been healthier since Pure Maintenance treatment.

- Dr. David and Linda A.

I highly recommend Pure Maintenance. The cost was minimal compared to other options. They were very professional, personal,  helpful, thorough and came in a timely manner when my home needed treatment. I would definitely use their services if needed again.

- LA

I think that it is safe to say that Pure Maintenance saved my life! I suffered from mold illness and this amazing company came in and cleaned the mold up in a safe, efficient and effective way without destruction! The employees are informative, very kind and extremely helpful. I could already tell a difference at my home within hours and didn't feel sick when I was at home anymore. Thank you Pure Maintenance!

- Kira J.

Pure Maintenance is an honest company that delivers what they promise. I paid the minimal fee to get a mold count report and was grateful to see the truth of just how high and unhealthy the mold numbers were in my house. The treatment is fast and safe for both humans and pets which is very important to me. We came back into the house only a few hours after treatment. The price of their treatment is thousands of dollar less than traditional mold treatment (tearing out walls, etc.) They kept their word of re-treating for free if needed. After not quite a year, they tested and re-treated at no cost to me. I am very pleased with Pure Maintenance’s treatment and customer service.

- CPK, Health Practitioner

Our family had been experiencing headaches, sinus problems, itchy eyes, ears, and throat, rashes, stomach distress, brain fog, arthritis, anger blow ups, anxiety, extreme fatigue, blood sugar fluctuations, muscle and joint pain, more and more food sensitivities, hormone disruptions and unexplained weight loss for me and gain in our daughter and my husband. Then after our daughter ended up in a coma, had fungal pneumonia and was very weak and ill for a year we discovered we had elevated mold levels in our home. We had our home tested for Radon, VOC’s, Co2 and mold and spent over $4000, and months on whole house ventilation, air cleaners, and clean up and repairs with no improvements. As a health care practitioner myself, I was very puzzled, especially after the cleanup and systems we had put into place. We discovered that we still had mold and our sensitivity to the mold mycotoxins in our furniture, carpeting, and on every surface in our home was one of our biggest health problems. We consulted with another mold remediation company and receiving an estimate of over $15,000 for tear out and reconstruction costs, we were very discouraged and felt doomed. A healthcare practitioner told us about Pure Maintenance and their new dry fog technology, so I called for an estimate and consult, they explained their treatment and quoted me a price that was less than one third of the other quotes and one fourth of what we had already spent and said that it would rid our carpets, furniture and all other surfaces of the mycotoxins and only take 4-5 hours to complete, we hired them. The results were amazing and we felt a significant difference, started improving immediately and could sleep in our own home again. We are extremely grateful to Pure Maintenance for saving our daughter and our lives, money, marriage, and our time. We are forever thankful!

- Taunya, LMT, CCE, CPT, CST

After dealing with mold in my previous home, I was referred to Pure Maintenance to make sure the house I wanted to buy was safe for me and family. They were professional and punctual. They also came back after a year to do a follow-up test at my request to make sure it is still safe. They give me peace of mind.

- MC

I was not a believer in Pure Maintenance when Pure Maintenance first came to treat our house. Since the mold was not causing any apparent side-effects in my health or well-being (so I thought), I was more than skeptical. I had managed all the mold remediation myself with all the water damage we had and I thought the situation was handled until I pulled back the carpet that had gotten wet but wasn't thoroughly dried - it was a mold a la grande. After we had our home treated by the Pure Maintenance team, I could tell a noticeable difference in the lack of musty, mildewy smell and my families health started to improve. My wife said that I acted better too. And the mold I had seen the day before in the carpet and floor was gone as well. I became a believer over time and now am very grateful that I listened to my wife and had Pure Maintenance treat our home. I especially love that I don't have to tear my house apart anymore!! The techs were always professional and answered our questions and concerns. I would recommend Pure Maintenance wholeheartedly to anyone who has had water damage in their home or business.

- SR