Coronavirus & Dry Fog

When people think of Pure Maintenance, often the first thought is mold remediation, and home sterilization with their patented two-step process. However, with the latest announcement on March 11th, 2020 from the World Health Organization regarding the COVID-19 virus, and the declaration of the outbreak as a global pandemic, Pure Maintenance, is in a unique position to help others in the fight against the virus. Currently, Pure Maintenance is represented in 44 states in the United States, and soon to startup in Canada. Does the Pure Maintenance two-step treatment kill pathogens such as COVID-19? Due to the unusual nature of the virus, testing is, so far, nonexistent regarding the SARS-CoV2. There are not any official methods that exist at this time to test for the efficacy of a certain sterilant, disinfectant, or cleaner. These types of testing and validations take time to develop and standardize. Because of this, it’s important that we understand the nature of the virus and draw conclusions based on information from the Center for Disease Control, and the EPA. Both organizations have given us clear and easy to understand direction regarding what will disrupt this virus. We can infer fairly easily that if our process is effective against much more robust pathogens and microorganisms, then certainly our same process is very very effective against Covid-19. Covid-19 is an enveloped virus. What does this mean? It simply means it is one of the easiest pathogens around to disrupt, particularly with a high level, hospital-grade disinfectant/sterilant. Rest assured that during the InstaPure process, which is only the first step of the two-part process, Pure Maintenance utilizes a top-level, hospital approved sterilant. Furthermore, PureMaintenances’ patented two-step process will not only sterilize the entire facility with InstaPure, we also apply a quaternary ammonium salt-based protectant which gives you long term (at least 90 days) of antimicrobial protection on every surface in the home or building. Pure Maintenance is on the front line in the battle to control the virus, and has been contacted by agencies including NASA, the Capital in Washington DC, the Army Corps of Engineers, and many state and local municipalities regarding scheduling and availability. With our patented equipment, patented process, and hospital-grade disinfectants and protectants- Pure Maintenance is the best choice for total protection. -Mike Adams

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