The Pure Maintenance Difference


Unlike other traditional mold remediation companies, Pure Maintenance Golden State provides a warranty for mold remediation services as long as all water issues are resolved before the time of treatment.


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Odor Control

odor Removal

Thinking of selling your home, business, or rental property? How about your car or motorhome?


Pure Maintenance Golden State Dry-Fog Technology is a great solution for odor removal. Help your property stand out in the market by eliminating unpleasant smells. We provide a simple, effective and non-toxic solution to your odor problems, which can present an untimely deterrent to an otherwise saleable home, business or other property.

Common Odor Concerns:​

  • Pets

  • Urine/Urea

  • Cigarette Smoke

  • Musty Buildings

  • Foreign Foods and Spills

  • Much More