unparalelled Convenience

Get your home or office back with minimal interruption.


Unlike most mold remediation solutions, Pure Maintenance can safely complete most treatments in just a few hours and rarely requires costly and invasive demolition.

Unrivaled efficacy

Feel confident that every surface in your space is back to the safest state possible.

Pure Maintenance treats more than the acute symptoms of a mold infestation and considers the health of your entire home or work facility.

Unmatched protection

Rest assured that your space is protected against future mold problems.

Pure Maintenance goes the extra mile by protecting the surfaces in your home or business with our proprietary EverPURE process, guaranteeing lasting results.

The Pure Maintenance


Only Pure Maintenance:

Remediates the air and ALL Surfaces

Protects your home or business from dangerous mold and mycotoxins 

Is safe for use on all objects and materials including electronics

Minimizes risk of failure through human error

Doesn't require daily reapplication

Comes with a certificate of treatment warranty


Pure Maintenance eliminates 99.9% of surface and airborne mold spores 

Pure Maintenance solutions are environmentally responsible and non-toxic

Pure Maintenance uses two proven and patented dry fog processes

Pure Maintenance is quick, easy, and affordable

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