The Pure Maintenance Difference


Unlike other traditional mold remediation companies, Pure Maintenance Golden State provides a warranty for mold remediation services as long as all water issues are resolved before the time of treatment.


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Advanced mold and pathogen removal

Why Choose Pure Maintenance Golden State?

No Demolition

Non-toxic Mold Remediation

EPA Approved

Affordable Solution

Prevents mold/pathogen return

Proven 98% Effective

Quick and Simple

One-Year Warranty

Whole House Treatment

Air Quality Test/Report Included

Certified, Bonded, Licensed Staff



With non-toxic, Dry Fog technology, your mold problems can be solved by Pure Maintenance Golden State. Our professional process is affordable, quick, efficient and warranted.



Do you need mold removal?

"Wow, what a difference Pure Maintenance has made in our home! I can breathe again, my rash cleared up, and I wake up feeling refreshed. They were very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. I'm so grateful we found them!

- Meredith C.

Pure Maintenance Golden State helps home and business owners with visible and hidden mold issues caused by water damage, and resolve those issues with affordable, convenient, effective, and natural solutions that are demolition free, resulting in healthy, safe environments for individuals, families, and employees.


Mold Testing and Remediation

Home Disinfection

commercial Disinfection

Odor Control